TheraBand Stability Trainer Pad


Beginner Level Green Foam Pad, Balance Trainer & Wobble Cushion for Balance & Core Strengthening, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Round Sport Balance Trainer.

Oval-shaped, color coded pad made of durable PVC, molded in closed-cell foam with an anti-slip ridged surface For balance and proprioception training, core, upper and lower extremity strength and stability training, ankle range of motion and flexibility training, sensorimotor training, closed kinetic chain exercises, targeted injury prevention and strengthening.

Two options for use:

One surface with rounded points providing tactile inputs for sensorimotor training; and the opposite surface with an anti-skid bars that resist slipping TheraBand balance products are available in four densities to provide a progressive system of balance training for rehab, post-rehab conditioning and fitness applications.



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