Theraband Replacement Strap – 44″ for Aquabelt


TheraBand Swim Belts are use for Aquatic Therapy Training

TheraBand Swim Belt are aquatic belts floats that are design as entry-level swim training aids. Available in 3 sizes, Thera Band Swim Belts are design for toddlers who need a small amount of buoyancy, children who need medium buoyancy and young adults who require the maximum buoyancy.

These swimming floats aid in Swim Training as well as Aquatic Therapy. Individuals who are swimming for physical therapy use the Theraband Swim Belt for additional buoyancy as they strengthen weak or injured muscle tissues. A strap attaches the floats to the swimmer and can secure up to three floats.

Swim Belt Features:

Provide deepwater buoyancy and shallow water stability.
Entry-level training aids used under supervision for younger swimmers.
Made of foam.


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