Sure PRO Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulator


The Sure PRO Pelvic Floor Exerciser is an easy-to-use, flexible pelvic floor exerciser with a wide range of preset and manual programs – providing relief from stress, urged and mixed incontinence as well as improving sexual wellbeing.

Pelvic floor exercisers are one of the most effective forms of continence management and provide a discreet, affordable and long-term solution for incontinence sufferers.

The Sure PRO has 12 preset and 3 manual programmes. In addition to the standard settings, it has special programmes for transcutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (TTNS) for urge incontinence.

The manual programmes can be adjusted by healthcare professionals to the specific needs of the patient.

Inside the box:

1 x Sure Pro device
2 x Lead wires (L-ST2)
1 x Liberty vaginal probe (X-VP)
4 x 50x50mm electrode pads (E-CM5050)
1 x Charging adaptor (EU/UK)
1 x Detachable belt clip
1 x Storage pouch
1 x Instruction manual



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