Single Electric Breast Pump


About this item QUIETEST BREAST PUMP ON THE MARKET: The Ardo Calypso Double Plus is a powerful yet quiet and gentle breast pump which is compact and easy to use. FLEXIBLE BREASTPUMP FOR MUM: It offers great flexibility as you can choose from 64 combinations of speed and suction to meet your individual needs and comfort whilst expressing. These can be changed independently during pumping, allowing for sensitive adjustments for stimulation and expressing. PROTECTS MUM, MILK & BABY: The Vacuum Seal technology in all Ardo Pump sets provides a barrier against bacteria and ensures that no breastmilk or impurities can enter the connecting tube or pump. This provides reliable protection against contamination of the breastmilk and prevents infection. NHS APPROVED SUPPLIER + AWARD WINNING: All Ardo products are manufactured in Switzerland from premium-quality materials that are free from BPA. Our Swiss made electric breast pump is a trusted supplier for the NHS and won Mumsnet Best Breastpump of the Year. SET INCLUDES: 1x Calypso Breastpump unit, 1 x Pumpset with 150ml bottles and 26mm Breastshells, 1 x Lids with removable insert, 1 x Extra lip valves, 1x Brush for cleaning, 1x Bottle Stand, 1x Mains adapter, 1x Instruction manual and quick guide ›See more product details.

Imported from UK.

The Calypso has been designed to help mums express breast milk in situations where the baby is unable to breastfeed directly or to stimulate milk production to increase breastmilk supply.

The Calypso is a quiet yet powerful modern electric breastpump which is easy to operate. It is compact, one of the quietest on the market, and allows you to gently express.

The Calypso offers complete protection from contamination and pathogenic agents. Vacuum Seal technology ensures a total barrier between the breast milk and any pathogenic agents, guaranteeing protection of the breast milk and the pump against contamination.

The award-winning Calypso Breastpump is the best choice for expressing mums. It’s not only the quietest on the market, a mumsnet best since 2013 and pump of the year 2018; it is also used in the NHS.

Swiss made! Ardo’s products are designed using the expertise of our team in Switzerland. All products are designed in close consultation with mums, healthcare specialists, breastfeeding
counsellors and lactation consultants, resulting in exceptionally high standards in quality, design and durability.

What’s in the box?
Calypso breastpump electric unit; 1 x Pumpset with 150ml bottles and 26mm breastshells; 1 x lid with removable inserts; Brush for cleaning; Bottle Stand; Mains adapter; Multi lingual Instructions.


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