N452 Pediatric Wheelchair


  • Detachable desk armrests with vertical swing away footrests
  • 6″ x 1″ solid tyred casters with aluminum forkse
  • 22″ x 1- 3/8″ pneumatic tyred molded Mag. wheels with steel handrims
  • Child-specific footrests provides optimum leg-seating position for best comfort possible
  • Designed for pediatric users


Weight Capacity 84kg/ 185lb
Seat Width 12″, 14″
Item Weight 14.5-15kg/ 32-33lb (w/o front rigging)
Castor 6″ x 1″
Rear Wheel Wheel22″ x 1-3/8″
Armrest detachable, desk
Footrest IV, detachable, swing away
Backrest fixed
Dimension 69x53x92cm


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