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The Rifton SoloLift is a mobile transfer device that opens up a world of new opportunities for clients with disabilities, and prevents back injuries for their caregivers.

Its unique design makes it possible for one caregiver to transfer even large clients to and from chairs, wheelchairs, beds, gait trainers and the floor – with zero lifting. It even makes transfers from a wheelchair into a forward-loading gait trainer virtually effortless.

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• Capable of seated and sit-to-stand transfers from the floor, wheelchair or bed.
• Swivels the client for transfer into a forward-loading gait trainer
• Transfers in a natural sit-to-stand arc, providing unprecedented comfort, stability and
• Radically simplifies toileting through the unique Rifton SoloVest, which lifts entirely from
above the waist
• Accommodates all clients, up to 350 lbs., even those with no weight-bearing ability
• Reduces the risk of staff injuries—and thus lowers insurance and turnover costs
• Together with the adapter strap accessory, the SoloVest can now be used with overhead

• Lift arm
• Lifting motion
• SoloVest features
• Leg straps
• Controls
• Battery
• Base and frame

Important: All SoloVests are rated at 350 lbs. User’s weight and height must not exceed the maximum working loads stated below.
Item Dimensions (inches) SoloLift (R710)
Overall length 48
Overall width 31 – 52
Overall height 39 – 72½
Turning diameter 56
Maximum user height (when standing or ambulating) 76 (6'4)
Item weight (lbs) 140
SoloVest weight (lbs) 5
Maximum working load (lbs) 350

SoloVest Dimensions Small Medium Large
Client’s girth 22 - 34 28 - 40 36 - 60
Height: front / side (inches) 9 ½ / 7 ½ 11 / 9 12 / 10
Weight (lbs) 3.5 4.5 5.5
Maximum working load (lbs) 350 350 350

Technical Specifications
Lifting speed 2.1 inch/sec with no load
Batteries 12V, 2.9 Ah valve-regulated lead-acid gel-type batteries.

(Replacement batteries available from Rifton)
Battery charger Wall-mounted charger, 100 - 240 V AC, max 650 mA
Motor 24 V, 10 A, permanent magnet motor
Emergency lowering Mechanincal and electrical
Frame material Powder coated steel
Vest materials 420 Denier nylon anti-slip, medical grade fabric

(Complies with ISO10535:2006 and EN-12182 standards)
Wheels Front: 100mm dual - Rear: 100mm dual with brake
Motor duty cycle Two minutes continuous use followed by 18 minutes idle
Degree of protection IP 65


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