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The portable activity kit. Early intervention therapy at home or on the move.

Playpak lets you play a bigger part in your child’s therapy, and that matters a lot. Research shows that early intervention programmes for babies and children that allow therapists and parents to work together, like Playpak does, make a bigger impact on a child’s development.

This lightweight bag contains an entire activity centre. Inside you will find rolls, wedges and supports (designed by clinical experts) that stick together in dozens of different ways to let you and your child practice the early positions which form the building blocks for later abilities.

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• Lightweight, foldable bag/mat design
• Easily adjustable shoulder strap
• Five colourful posture support elements
• Five handy storage pockets
• Stylish, fun and easy to use
• Non-slip grip on base of bag
• Durable, machine washable materials
• Colourful loops for attaching favourite toys
• Super sticky Velcro strips for added stability
• Soft Velcro cloud

Using additional components with Playpak can allow you to achieve an even wider variety of developmental postures and positions. Using an additional horseshoe component for example can help to facilitate a larger or stronger child, whilst additional short and long rolls can further support side lying and four point kneeling.

The Playpak Therapy Programme guides readers through a series of Mobility, Ability and Participation goals and activities, explaining how each one can be used to develop the earliest of skills, from lying to crawling.

Your Playpak is light, handy and can go anywhere. Grab it when you head to gran’s house and your little one can happily play, learn and get stronger while the grown-ups catch-up. Or to a birthday party so junior gets great therapy and misses none of the action. Or hang it on the stroller and head to the park for impromptu therapy with a picnic. You’ll want to take it everywhere – and you can.

You’ll find it easy to store at home too. Just hang it on a coat hook, in a corner or in the wardrobe – it’s durable enough to take a little bit of squishing, squashing and bashing.

Playpak is also more than just practical, it looks great too. It definitely doesn’t look like therapy equipment, and won’t attract any sideways glances!

  Length Width Depth
Folded Bag 44cm/17in 49cm/19in 15cm/5.9in
Floor Mat 134cm/53in 75cm/30in -
Long Roll 52cm/20in 9cm/3.5in 7cm/2.8in
Short Roll 28cm/11in 9cm/3.5in 7cm/2.8in
Positioning Strap 66cm/26in 8cm/3.1in -

  Length Width Depth Angle
Head/Tummy Support 22cm/8.7in 26cm/10in 25cm/9.8in 6.5°

  Length Width Minimum Seat Width Maximum Seat Width
Large Horseshoe Support 11cm/4.3in 10cm/3.9in 20cm/9.8in 25cm/9.8in
Small Horseshoe Support 7cm/2.8in 9cm/3.5in 20cm/7.9in 25cm/9.8in

Playpak is generally suitable for children up to the age of 4, however suitability is very much dependant on level of physical development.


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