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Lumbo Direxa Back Orthosis

Lumbo Direxa Back Orthosis

Stabilises, relieves strain, alleviates pain.

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The Lumbo Direxa provides support in case of slight to moderate back pain in the lumbar spine – caused for example by signs of wear or an intervertebral disc protrusion. It stabilises and relieves strain on the affected area, which can alleviate pain.
The Lumbo Direxa is made of a comfortable, breathable material so that you can also wear the back orthosis for extended periods of time. Thanks to the slim design, the orthosis is barely visible under clothing. The Lumbo Direxa comes in three models: in addition to the standard version, the Lumbo Direxa Women is waisted while the Lumbo Direxa High has a higher cut so it also relieves strain on the lower thoracic spine.


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