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Genu Arthro Orthosis

Genu Arthro Orthosis

For knee osteoarthritis, alleviates pain and relieves the knee joint.

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Osteoarthritis in the knee can be a severe limitation in the everyday life of affected individuals. Pain while climbing stairs and during many other everyday movements is a common symptom.
Osteoarthritis in the knee (gonarthrosis) causes signs of wear on the joint cartilage. This gradual process is associated with pain and limitations in mobility, and should therefore be delayed as long as possible. Using the Genu Arthro provides a solution. The Genu Arthro can alleviate pain since it effectively relieves the affected area in the knee joint. It is comfortable to wear and increases your mobility. The orthosis is made of a breathable material. It is lightweight and discreet to wear under clothing.

Positive effect
The Genu Arthro works according to the classic three-point principle. Lever arms relieve the area of the knee joint affected by osteoarthritis. Friction on the joint cartilage surfaces is redistributed, so you can move with less pain during everyday and leisure activities.

Easy handling
User-friendly quick closures make the orthosis easy to put on. Of course, your orthopaedic technician will explain the proper use during your trial fitting. Thanks to its slim design, the very lightweight orthosis is also discreet under clothing.

Comfortable to wear
The breathable SpaceTex frame pads prevent perspiration under the orthosis. You can also sit comfortably with the orthosis at any time, because it has no rigid elements in the rear thigh area.


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